People we've helped (Client comments)

"Helped me see a future and helped me with everyday tasks that were hard to complete before attending"

“I found having someone non-judgemental to talk to very helpful. I was able to fully open up which I can find difficult.”

"The service has been seamless and efficient. It helped me to learn techniques to look after myself. I implement my boundaries so I do not feel as invisible and unheard as I did at the beginning."

"I have learned to cope better with depression and anxiety and have really enjoyed talking my problems through. I would recommend anyone with issues to try it !!"


"It’s been nice to speak to a person who doesn’t know me, and helps me speak about different things"

"My counsellor has been the most amazing support for me. I have found his manor to be extremely open and caring. He has guided me towards my own answers and supported me throughout a difficult time in my life, I am very grateful!"

"My counsellor really helped me to re-build my confidence. To be happy to be alive and feel so positive as I really didn’t want to live when I first started here. Lovely counsellor. Always made me feel so relaxed and happy when I left."

"I found the service invaluable at a time in my life where everything was a mess and I didn’t know which way to turn. My counsellor has been fantastic helping me to see the path I want to walk along. I now have tools to be more positive in my life. Thank you."


"At first I was afraid and anxious about what would happen but my counsellor was wonderful and put me at ease from day one."

"Very friendly, useful and caring. I’m only sorry I didn’t come years’ ago."

"Very helpful techniques I use every day. I couldn’t have asked for a better counsellor."

"I have found the service to be really helpful. It has helped me to put the past behind and to live life by putting myself first."


"All of the staff who I spoke to were friendly, calm and patient which really helps someone in my position to feel welcome and positive about coming here to Beacon."

"My counsellor made me feel at ease at my first session. We made a plan of what issues I wanted to deal with. I now have ways of dealing with situations that I can’t change."

"It has been of great value, I feel in better control of my emotions and equipped to deal with uncomfortable situations."


"The counselling has been exceptional and been of extreme value to me. My counsellor has been a great support; has questioned and challenged me at the same time. Thank you."

"Wonderful! Being able to talk through problems with someone who understands and can then help in the right way."

"My counsellor has been instrumental in providing the tools for me to make such positive progress."

"Enjoyed the process, felt I have lasting techniques that can help me. Have learnt how I react and why. Hoping to understand myself further with the techniques/ guidance given."


"At a time of heartbreak losing my mum, this has been the best thing I could have experienced, I have now come to cope much better with my feelings of loss."

"My counsellor has helped lift confidence and motivation and helped through a difficult time. It has taught me how to deal with negative thinking."
Beacon Bolton Counselling Service
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Telephone: 01204 546100
Email: enquire@beaconcounselling.org

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