“I want to support Beacon and the great work that you do”

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Fundraising and Donations
If you wish to support us in providing free counselling services there are a number of ways you can help.
Many of our clients leave donations after each counselling session; some prefer to make a single one donation when counselling ends.

John is a volunteer: He challenged himself to complete a 56 mile hike in 24 hours.
He completed in 23 hours 25 minutes! - Respect
£662.00 Raised
Thank You kind sir for donating it to Beacon.

Steph raised £92 by beautifully wrapping her collection of Teddy Bears in cellophane tied with red ribbon. People were then welcome to make a donation and take a teddy. What a great idea!! A cuddly Thank You Steph.
Anne donated 4 beautifully coloured drawings, which she mounted and framed. They now hang proudly in one off our counselling rooms. A warm, huggy Thank You Anne.

There are many ways you can support our valued service:
• Make a cash, cheque or BACS donation
• Donate through our Just Giving page. If you are a UK taxpayer, completing a Gift Aid form increases the amount we receive
• Set up a direct debit
• Organise or take part in a fundraising event (talkathon; walkathon; silent meditation)
• Ask family and friends to replace special occasion gifts with a donation to Beacon
• Remember us in your will
• Sponsor a specific project.

A newly married couple donated £1000 + Gift Aid by asking their wedding guests to donate to Beacon instead of purchasing gifts. Total received £1250. WOW; A BIG Thank You to all, we appreciate your kindness, generosity, and support. What can you do today to support a charity?

We are truly grateful for all the donations, funding and support we receive.

To visit our Just Giving page, click the link below.
Beacon Bolton Counselling Service
The Bolton Hub, Bold Street, Bolton. BL1 1LS
Telephone: 01204 546100
Email: enquire@beaconcounselling.org

Registered Charity: CIO Number 1181596