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Making a difference

"Just - thank you for everything, for being so patient, understanding, sensitive and helpful."

The comment above is just one of the many comments given by clients on the evaluation forms which are completed by clients before and after counselling.

On the Pre counselling form most clients indicated the type of feelings we would expect. The most common were anxious, depressed, angry, sad, confused and low. On the exit forms the most common feelings were better, capable, happy, content and determined.

Over half of the clients said they found out about Beacon Counselling via their GP and the most common issues they were facing were depression, bereavement, relationships, self esteem and anger. There was an increase in clients wanting help with bereavement, relationships and alcohol. Almost half of clients had taken some time off work due to their presenting issue, which demonstrates the effectiveness of Beacon in enabling people to return to work.

By far the most inspiring section is where clients are asked to give three examples of
how counselling has helped them. A few examples are listed below:

Making a difference


SOBBS Case study, Jean