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S.A.V.S (Sexual Abuse Victim Support)

Survivors of sexual abuse often gain strength and courage from hearing the journeys of other survivors. How they have worked to survive and from learning that " I am not on my own - this has happened to other people too ".

Understanding this need, Beacon counselling offers facilitated group counselling sessions for survivors of sexual abuse. The group meets on a fortnightly basis on Mondays 7.00 - 8.30 pm.

The group has a maximum 8 members each attending a 10 sessions.

On occasion, one member of the group may face a particular difficulty that has been raised during the group work which requires more concentrated time to work through. Should this occur the client will be offered 1-1 counselling in place of or in addition to the group work.

Below are a selection of comments given by past group members:

"I kept the secret of my abuse for 30 years until I reached a very stressful time in my life and found myself in hospital with depression. Following some art therapy, my secret broke free and it was shortly after this that I approached Beacon for help. I found it so useful to hear other members of the group discussing experiences of breaking the silence and of their journey since. Over time, the support of the group helped me to feel confident enough to withdraw from medication, start a new career and recover from the depths of despair. I learned to utilise new avoidance techniques other than alcohol and sleep. I learned how to work through my fears and difficulties, facing them head on to find myself on the other side, stronger and without guilt or shame. "

"I will always be grateful to the group and to Beacon for the safe haven they offered me during my most difficult times - Thank you!"

"The Facilitator was great at striking an equal balance of support, encouragement and challenge"

"Doing exercises from the work book on my own would have been too painful to consider yet looking at them together in the group made things so much easier. Sometimes we even laughed together, you may ask what is so amazing about that?  But when you think you will never laugh again……….. It's amazing!"

"Attending my first group meeting was very scary indeed especially as I joined a group where the others already knew each other. I can't believe how quickly I settled in, this being due to the warmth and acceptance offered by the group".