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Beacon is a registered charity staffed by volunteers and relies on grants and individual donations to provide our valuable service. In recent years we have received grants from: Awards for All, Foyle Foundation, Lloyds TSB, Grassroots grant, Community Foundation, Scott Trust and NHS Bolton

We also hold fundraising events and the up-coming events are listed on our news page. We would welcome support at an event and/or assistance in organising an event.

Beacon has the highest ethical standards. We are members of the Fundraising Standards Board and try to comply with the fundraising guidelines of the Institute of Fundraising. We are also registered for Gift Aid, so that we can claim back the tax paid on any donation. The Justgiving website is a quick and easy method to use to contribute to Beacon. However, we would also welcome donations sent to our office by cheque.

FRSB and Giftaid fundraising standards board - give with confidence Just Giving

Many companies and other organisations are increasingly aware of their social responsibility. We would be delighted to work with organisations, big or small, who can see how effective our Counselling is and wish to get involved. This could be for the short term or a longstanding relationship.